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Introduction To the FILE Playbook

First Call Presentation

The link below is the First Call Presentation that will enable you to have a conversation with a customer about the challenges around unstructured data.

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Path Selector

  • Discover & Manage Unstructured Data

    Gain visibility into the volume, variety, age and utilization of unstructured data across the enterprise, and determine actions to better manage and govern it.

  • Deliver New Business Services

    Generate business value for the enterprise by enabling new uses for unstructured data and IT to deliver new services to business users.

Discover & Manage Unstructured Data

Why Buy Anything?

Why Change?

Customers lack an understanding of the cost & overhead in managing the growing volumes of Unstructured Data, as well as low awareness of the opportunities & risks contained in the data. This is because enterprises today have limited visibility into their Unstructured Data assets located in Home Directories, Fileshares, Repositories, and Endpoint Devices. Enabling visibility can drive key business decisions that improve business performance.

Why Buy EMC?

Why EMC?

EMC provides a defined framework approach to enable customers across the adoption maturity curve to gain visibility to easily Discover & Manage their Unstructured Data. EMC offers an integrated set of products & services to cost-efficiently gain visibility to Unstructured Data assets, and to store, manage and protect those assets effectively.

Why Buy Now?

Why Now?

Unstructured data is growing at an explosive pace, particularly with the advent of technologies such as Cloud, Social Media, and Mobility in recent years. Enterprise data volumes are expected to grow from 1.8ZB to 7.9ZB between 2011-15. It is imperative that organizations focus immediate attention on gaining awareness of this Unstructured Data problem and manage it in order to better control operating costs and minimize the risks to the business.

Additional Sales Insights

Lead with Data Discovery

Most customers have an incomplete understanding of their File landscape. A ‘find out what you have’ approach, by leading with a data assessment engagement using the right technology tools will highlight the problem areas and generate a call to action.

Focus on Home Directories, Fileshares, Repositories, and Desktops to determine the extent of data sprawl

These content sources represent key areas of opportunity for data consolidation and are usually good starting points for most organizations. Understand the sprawl size and make the case for fewer servers and better utilization.

Backup Cycles & Recovery Points

Growing volumes of Unstructured Data impose demands on backup & recovery processes. Understanding the impact on backup cycles and recovery objectives will allow the selection of the right data protection solution.

Choose A Play

Understand your unstructured data

Understand Your Unstructured Data

Gain visibility to the volume, distribution, variety, aging and utilization of unstructured data in the enterprise using software tools that scan file servers and various other repositories.

Consolidate your data infrastructure

Consolidate Your Data Infrastructure

Migrate unstructured data from your heterogeneous and siloed server environment onto workload-optimized Isilon or VNX systems for cost-effective consolidation with scale and performance benefits.

Protect your unstructured data

Protect Your Unstructured Data

Achieve optimal backup times, secure your data assets from disaster events and ensure business continuity with proven EMC backup, restore and disaster recovery solutions such as Data Domain and Avamar.

Deliver New Business Services

Why Buy Anything?

Why Change?

Organizations possess a high volume and variety of unstructured data, and IT is becoming consumerized. As a result, the business is demanding new productivity services around unstructured data that IT must deliver in order to prevent users from going to external cloud providers. Further, enterprises that exploit this valuable data asset through business applications such as sync-and-share and analytics can realize a competitive market advantage.

Why Buy EMC?

Why EMC?

EMC has one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the marketplace, spanning storage, management, governance and application levels of the stack. Enterprises that adopt EMC will have a clear path to deployment that offers compelling benefits around new technology standards, cost of ownership and operational efficiency. EMC continues to invest in infrastructure that lays the foundation for high-value IT services including collaboration, analytics and governance.

Why Buy Now?

Why Now?

Early adopters of unstructured data applications can gain non-obvious insights to secure a competitive market advantage. The explosive growth in unstructured data in the form of office documents, user generated and machine generated data is viewed by enterprises as a corporate asset. Now the tools and technologies to analyze these large volumes and extract business value have attained maturity in terms of capabilities, performance and scale, thereby enabling organizations to leverage it to improve business performance.

Additional Sales Insights

Expand the buying center audience

Initiating a conversation on unlocking business value with applications such as mobile collaboration and analytics can expand the stakeholder target audience beyond IT and storage staff to lines of business and C-level users.

Secure file sharing with mobility

There are many cloud file sharing services, but Syncplicity’s enterprise grade security and policy capabilities enable mobile workforce productivity together with strong data protection.

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Sample Play

Enable Mobile Collaboration

Enhance business user productivity using mobile sync and file sharing share technology from EMC Syncplicity, to enable seamless collaboration and data access with enterprise-grade security across the extended enterprise.