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DSP and Self-Dispatch Support

Help With My Training And My Recommended Training
Non-Training Inquiry Support Teams
ASC Training Matrix

Help with My Training and My Recommended Training

If you have any questions, queries, issues with a learning path or authorizations.

Examples of issues:

  • Cannot find learning path
  • Cannot register authorization
  • Cannot complete authorization, etc.

Non-Training Inquiry Support Teams

If you have any issues related to your DSP organization company setup or your account set up (not related to learning paths or authorizations), please reach out to your organization's TechDirect administrator or your Dell Partner Manager. 

Example of issues: 

  • Cannot see any authorizations, etc.

Self-Dispatch Contact Us

If you have any issues related to your TechDirect Self-Dispatch account.Please click the link  Self-Dispatch Contact Us

ASC Training Matrix 

Download the latest training matrix

ASC Authorized Service Calls Training Matrix