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PowerScale Training

Powered by the One FS Operating System,  PowerScale is optimized to run on PowerEdge-based x86 servers and offers simplicity at any scale, handles any data, anywhere, and searches within your customers’ data to help unlock its potential.

We offer expert instruction and certification programs for PowerScale, helping customers and partners simplify and scale unstructured data and deliver excellent performance results to keep pace with the rapid growth of data many organizations are experiencing today.

PowerScale Training and Certification Options

The education and training portfolio for PowerScale covers all aspects of the product, including the design and performance of the hardware and OneFS software. Configuration and verification of basic and advanced networking and authentication is also covered.

The courses provide practical experience for participants through lecture videos, recorded lab demonstrations and study materials.

Validate your skills and get certified as a Dell Technologies Proven Professional.

Interested in getting started? Click below to register for the free PowerScale Concepts course.

Course Options

Main course details are below. For all course options click here.

PowerScale Concepts Course

• Duration: 2 hours

• Modality: On Demand

• Audience: this course is intended for all audiences

• Course objectives:

  1. • Compare structured and unstructured data
  2. • Explain the PowerScale physical architecture
  3. • Discuss the node workflow application, node model details, and adding new nodes to the cluster
  4. • Explain PowerScale's OneFS operating system
  5. • Explain data management and security in PowerScale
  6. • Explain the application of PowerScale with big data

PowerScale Administration Course

• Duration: 40 hours

• Modality: Classroom, Virtual Classroom, On Demand

• Audience: This course is intended for Dell Technologies partner and customer personnel involved with the administration of PowerScale solutions. 

• Prepares an individual to pass the Implementation Engineer, Platform Engineer, and Technical Architect Specialist Certification Exams

• Course Objectives:

  1. • Understand the PowerScale cluster architecture
  2. • Explain the building blocks of a PowerScale cluster and different types of access to the cluster
  3. • Navigate the details of client and file access
  4. • Configure OneFS features
  5. • Utilize the tools to perform cluster monitoring

PowerScale Implementation Course (partner only)

• Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

• Modality: On demand

• Course Objectives:

  1. Create a new cluster
  2. Join a node to an existing cluster
  3. Complete the initial configuration
  4. Complete other configuration options

PowerScale Hardware Courses (partner only)

• Duration: 1 hour each:

PowerScale Hardware Concepts

PowerScale Installation

PowerScale Maintenance

• Modality: On demand

• Course Objectives:

  1. • Describe the PowerScale cluster, including role responsibilities, Generation 6.x architecture, safety precautions, networking, and management tools
  2.  •Demonstrate what designs and clusters can be configured with the new F200/F600 hardware platform
  3. • Perform the steps necessary for the initial PowerScale configuration
  4. • Know the PowerScale hardware replacement procedures, preparing a node for maintenance, replace Field Replaceable Units (FRUs), and replacing Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs)

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