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FY23 Field Readiness Summit

We are on a mission to drive human progress through technology. As a team, we bring innovative solutions to our customers to prepare their organizations for whatever comes next. There is no limit to what we can achieve. Lets SOAR together.

The Dell Technologies Sales Teams recently attended a virtual FY23 Sales Kick Off.  These 20 minute sessions from the event are being made available below and are designed to align our Sales Teams and Partners to our strategy, priorities, messaging and positioning for the year.



Understanding customer business & financial objectives. Positioning with APEX, multi-cloud & MDC.

How do you elevate beyond the product and technical conversations?

Learn how to recognize APEX and Modern Data Center opportunities that address the business and financial challenges customers face.

In this session, Jon Hyde hosts a discussion with Tom Roloff, Kyle Leciejewski and Dave Roberts, where they discuss tips, tricks and best practices you can leverage to best prepare and have consultative business and financial conversations with your customers.

Modernize security – unveiling Dell’s new cybersecurity and resiliency messaging

Digital transformation has made cybersecurity and resiliency mission critical from the end point, through the network, into the data center, and the public cloud. Many may not be aware that Dell has a broad and holistic cybersecurity portfolio that spans the full ecosystem. This uniquely positions Dell as a trusted end-to-end partner for customers looking to Modernize Security by:

  1. protecting data and systems
  2. enhancing cyber resiliency, and
  3. overcoming security complexity.

Intelligently adapt: How to thrive in the Hybrid Workplace

As hybrid work is now reality, our products and solutions are developed with a remote-first approach to solve evolving customer pain points. Areas of differentiation to discuss with customers are collaboration, performance, security, displays and peripherals and sustainability. All while modernizing the employee experience, IT efficiency and adaptability with integral affordable services. We’re looking towards the future to intelligently adapt to our customers’ needs for their next challenge.



  • aaS / Multi-Cloud / Modern Data Center conversations with...
  • Modern Workforce conversations with...
  • Cyber Security conversations with...
  • Business Leader
  • Financial Leader
  • Technical or Operational Leader
Addressing business outcomes with the modern data center: A role play​  Dell is now able to address customer multi-cloud requirements with a mix of as-a-Service and modern infrastructure offerings. This session tells the story of how our infrastructure portfolio helps customers build a modern data center that positions them for growth and competitive advantage. Dell uniquely provides the broadest and best portfolio and services—and is leading the industry with innovation in key technology areas. Learn how to think on your feet, deliver with confidence, and win. Watch here
Addressing business outcomes with multi-cloud and APEX: A conversation with sales Many organizations now adhere to a cloud-first policy. Of course, cloud-first does not mean “public cloud only.” It often means different things to different customers. It is typically a combination of public, private, and hybrid cloud. Organizations often find themselves in a multi-cloud environment to use the best-of-breed capabilities to drive their business outcomes. In this session you’ll hear from your peers on how to navigate these conversations and confidently articulate Dell’s perspective across account types.  Watch here
Winning over the economic buyer with Dell Technologies as-a-Service solutions  Discover the most notable differences between financial leaders as buyers or business decision-makers and how it influences the buyer journey. Understanding their point-of-view, study how they look at as-a-Service adoption; what business outcomes they are looking for, what use case they are envisioning, and what financial outcomes they expect. Learn the key dimensions to consider when you interact with financial leaders and the tools available to succeed in convincing them. Watch here
Soar into the winner’s circle by demystifying the financial conversation The financial conversation is a critical part of the sales cycle and should be had at the very beginning of any sales conversation. Do you find yourself positioning payment solutions including APEX to customers without fully understanding what they are? Do you want to increase the size of your deals and close more of them? If you are intimidated by having a financial conversation with your customers, this session can help. Listen in to a peer-to-peer role-play that takes you through real-life conversations with customers that demonstrates how to position payment solutions that are aligned to business outcomes. Join us to learn how to start the conversation early and confidently in order to close more deals. Watch here
Hey CFO! We can provide lower cost than the public cloud - Let me PROVE it! In this session, we demonstrate ways you can be proactive and confident in our cloud story. We'll help you understand the real costs of cloud to confidently have a financial cloud conversation to prove the Dell Technologies’ advantage and ultimately change the perception of Dell to be a cloud partner. We will also discuss ways to avoid common assumptions and pitfalls. Watch here
Selling tech refresh in a multi cloud world In this session, you'll gain an improved financial selling approach to our tech refresh opportunities as well as learn how to handle the objection of moving to cloud during the tech refresh process. Watch here
APEX Cloud Services or APEX Custom? Guiding your customer down the right path without detours You’ve given an APEX overview pitch to your customer, and they're interested in pursuing an APEX solution for a strategic project. But do you fully understand their needs, direction, and pressures well enough to recommend an APEX Cloud Services or APEX Custom solution? Join us to learn the questions you need to ask, strategies you need to understand, and resources available to help you proceed down the correct path sooner and avoid a longer sales cycle, confusion, and delays. Watch here
Winning cloud conversations: Reaching optimal workload placement with APEX Take a journey through customer studies and outcomes that reveal the advantages of APEX performance over the competition. Uncover the true nature and hidden cost inherent to public cloud, compared to private cloud—and better understand how competitors often misrepresent offerings.​ Watch here
Storage positioning made easy IT managers are dealing with an explosion in both the amount and the distribution of data. Today’s applications are powered by data that is now captured and stored everywhere, residing in diverse formats both inside and outside the core data center. In this session, we will discuss today’s data and storage trends so you can confidently position Dell’s continuously modern storage portfolio to solve customer challenges. Our esteemed panel of experts and storage rock stars will discuss how businesses can meet the demands of the data era. First, Enterprise Strategy Group’s Scott Sinclair will provide insight into current customer needs and challenges. Second, Kyle Leciejewski and Karl Korbus will make storage positioning easy by providing an overview of our primary and UDS storage portfolio, including how it complements our HCI solutions to address a wide range of customer challenges. Finally, we will provide guidance on how to use what you’ve learned to have better conversations with your customers and prospects. Watch here
Enabling DevOps to modernize the data center Containers are the new way applications are being delivered and many customers think they need to move to the public cloud to modernize applications. Dell has a wide breadth of solutions that enable our customers to deploy their modern applications throughout the datacenter with seamless connections to multi-cloud environments. Join us to learn how to explain the benefits of on-premises solutions for modern IT operations. Also, learn how our enterprise-grade offerings provide flexible IT infrastructure that enables DevOps to run any of the major container platforms. Watch here
AI conversations that make you indispensable to your customer Did you know that 77% of Fortune 500 CEOs plan to start or already employ AI initiatives? Learn how to position yourself and Dell Technologies as the trusted advisor in your customers’ AI journey. Engage with IT directors, data architects/scientists and business owners to open new opportunities and help them unlock the power of AI. Our support for the full AI process, ecosystem, and infrastructure stack makes us the clearly differentiated leader for any AI project and makes you more money. Watch here
Turning Public Cloud First into an opportunity to increase your paycheck – A technical conversation Are your customers moving to a Public Cloud First strategy? Are you worried about how that affects your paycheck? Don’t be. Learn how disruption for the customer can become an opportunity for you! Join us for a discussion on the technical challenges customers face on their cloud journeys, and how we can partner with them to go from Cloud First to Cloud Smart.​ Watch here
APEX: From click to consumption Dell delivers a cloud-like self-service experience through the APEX Console. Join Dan Mroz, Mark Molyneux, and Mark Harrington as they discuss the console experience, from the sale to service delivery to post-sales telemetry data and more. You’ll walk away from this session energized with ideas on how to use APEX and the console vision to spark cloud strategy conversations that will change customers’ perception of Dell and how we can help accelerate their journey to better business outcomes. Watch here
  • Business Leader
  • Financial Leader
  • Technical or Operational Leader
Make an impact with sustainability: Understanding and selling sustainable devices and infrastructure Sustainability is now considered a business imperative, and we have the RFP requests to prove it. Between company goals and increasing regulation, customers need to know how we can help them reduce their IT carbon footprint. Learn about all things product sustainability across ISG, CSG, & CSB with our panel of experts who will talk about innovative materials in our upcoming products, our new sustainable packaging, multipack shipping, recycling services and more. Watch here
Meet the Builder and Connector: New commercial end user personas ​The hybrid workforce is here to stay. Dell Technologies is re-imagining commercial personas based on the emerging needs and workstyles of end-users. Learn how to identify the new Builder and Connector commercial personas and how to easily match tailored solutions to unique end-user needs. Dell Technologies differentiated solutions are designed to elevate the employee experience and will ultimately give our customers a competitive advantage. Watch here
Meet the Specialist and Producer: New commercial end user personas The hybrid workforce is here to stay. Dell Technologies is re-imagining commercial personas based on the emerging needs and workstyles of end-users. Learn how to identify the new Specialist and Producer personas and how to easily match tailored solutions to unique end-user needs. Dell Technologies differentiated solutions are designed to elevate the employee experience and will ultimately give our customers a competitive advantage. Watch here
Closing PC as a Service deals: Tips from top sellers The Device as a Service (DaaS) market continually grows. An IDC study found that 60 percent of organizations accelerated their DaaS efforts in 2020. We have what customers are seeking with our PC as a Service (PCaaS) offer. In this session, we’ll hear best practices and lessons learned from two account executives that have implemented PCaaS in partnership with their customers. Hint: one customer is an iconic car brand we all know and love! Watch here
Get the facts: Cloud Client Workspace and the evolution of Dell’s thin client strategy Our customers are increasingly adopting Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) cloud and aaS-based solutions to meet the evolving needs of their workforce and enable hybrid work models. In this session, you will learn about how Dell is evolving its thin client portfolio with a new software-defined strategy. This approach will help customers on their paths to IT modernization with more flexible, secure and manageable solutions. Watch here
Precision & Rugged: Innovations that advance industry capabilities Our Precision and Rugged products are designed based on customer feedback. Rigorous design elements, components and application / solution requirements are built into our industry-leading products. Our hallmark? Knowing HOW our customers are going to use technology now and in the future. We’ll look at emerging trends in specific markets to help you accelerate time to revenue. Watch here
  • Business Leader
  • Financial Leader
  • Technical or Operational Leader
From cybersecurity to cyber resiliency It is not a case of "If" but "when" your customers will be hit with ransomware and we need to help them become Cyber Resilient Organizations. They need a balanced approach – one that focuses on and invests in building resilience throughout the organization and planning for – and being prepared for – a breach. In this session, cyber security experts will cover how we should focus our discussions with customers on how to become more cyber resilient. Watch here
Confidently identify and advance cybersecurity opportunities While Dell is a global leader in security solutions, our customers tell us they don't think of Dell when naming top security providers. We want to change that by relieving some of the mystery surrounding security opportunities for many of our sellers.​ This session will help you introduce security conversations with your customers by hearing from a panel that has worked multiple security opportunities for Dell. Their informed experience can help set you up for success in this white-hot market. Watch here
Funding cyber resilience Do you have customers struggling to fund cyber resiliency initiatives? In this session, we'll discuss how to help your customers move from CapEx to OpEx for cyber resiliency projects. We'll have interviews with three sales teams who have been successful at providing solutions for their customers for on-premises, co-location, and public cloud cyber resiliency. Watch here
Navigate Dell’s cybersecurity offerings with an interactive tool ​This session will help dispel the myth that Dell is not a leading security solution provider. It will illustrate how Dell’s security portfolio spans the complete IT ecosystem and delivers a holistic coverage model. It will also provide high-level technical summaries of key solutions from Dell and its partners. This session should drive a desire to learn more and show the you where to go for more information and available resources. Watch here