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Dell Technologies Proven Professional Benefits

Dell Technologies Proven Professional is more than a credential, it is your opportunity to participate in a global community of Dell Technologies Proven Professionals and to earn other exclusive benefits:





You did the work…now share your achievements online with your digital badge.



What is a digital badge?

• A web-enabled version of your credentials that can be shared online

• A more efficient way of sharing your achievements digitally

• A trusted method for real-time credential verification

• Labor market insights that relate your skills to jobs


Badge Types

Dell Technologies offers different types of digital badges to recognize your contribution and accomplishments in the Proven Professional certification program. Refer to the Badge Earners Guide to learn how to accept and share your badge.




The Knowledge Sharing Program is a platform for certified professionals to share their expertise, unique deployments or best practices through a written or video submission.


Submissions are reviewed in 2 phases:

  1. Submission of a short abstract which briefly outlines the intended topic

  2. The article phase where  topic knowledge is shared through video or a written paper

Submissions chosen for publication in our Knowledge Sharing Program Library reap the rewards and industry recognition that comes with being published. Submissions chosen as a finalist become eligible for a free pass to Dell Technology World and cash prizes. 


You have the knowledge. Share it and Get Recognized!




Get involved!

Help us develop Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification exams. Earn credit for an exam and learn more about the test questions by taking part in the Exam Workshop experience. 

You can help in two ways:

1. Exam Development Building
: Participate, (in person or remotely,) in a week-long workshops to develop create certification exam questions

  • You will earn credit for passing the exam based on your full participation in the workshop while being able to collaborate with other professionals in the field
  • You will receive a Digital Badge recognizing your contribution to the Dell Technologies Proven Professional program

2. Exam Question Review: Use your expertise to review, rate questions for relevancy, quality and difficulty.

  • Provide feedback on 20-30 exam questions online from anywhere in an online, secure environment

"Being a part of the exam development process has given me a greater insight into Dell Technologies technology as a whole. It has allowed me to share my knowledge and experience with others, while learning a great deal from the participants. The exam workshops are a lot of effort but well worth it in the end."
- Dell Technologies Partner

" The benefits of participating in the exam development process ensures I am keeping my knowledge current and gaining access to invaluable training materials that make me more effective in my career. This type of knowledge access and peer discussion is a benefit like no other! Being able to participate in the process really makes you feel like you are contributing to a great cause that can be felt across the industry. I love being part of this community! "
- Dell Technologies Partner





Active duty US military personnel, veterans, and family members can now receive reimbursement for Dell Technologies Proven Professional exam fees. If you are eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30), the Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP) (Chapter 32), or Dependents Education Assistance (Chapter 35) benefits, you can be reimbursed for Dell Technologies Proven Professional exam fees.

Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for more information. 


Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification exams are available to military personnel at Pearson VUE / DANTES test sites. 

Learn more about Pearson VUE support for US military personnel, veterans and families.