VCE is committed to maintaining the credibility, value, and protection of intellectual property rights. VCE respects candidates' preparation for VCE certifications. When candidates act illegally to achieve certification, it undermines the value for the professionals who properly and legally achieved certification. Review the Candidate Agreement for more detail.

To ensure that the VCE Certified Professional Exam Security Policies are not violated, regard the following list as exam fraud activities. VCE reserves the right to update this list at any time. 

  • Disclosing and/or distributing protected exam material. This includes sharing exam questions with other exam takers, members of your study group, colleagues, etc.
  • Gaining access to actual exam content. This includes using study materials not posted on the VCE Certified Professional webpages and accessing/purchasing unauthorized content from third parties.
  • Engaging others to take an exam on your behalf.
  • Giving or receiving unauthorized assistance when taking an exam.
  • Reproducing exam materials by any means, including reconstruction through memorization.

Only materialas approved and provided by VCE may be used for exam preparation purposes. If a candidate is unsure about using a particular website, or about downloading advertised materials, please contact us at

VCE has a zero-tolerance policy regarding exam fraud and breaching the terms as detailed in the Candidate Agreement. VCE reserves the right to revoke an exam result and/or credential that was earned by violating any of the Exam Security Policies or terms in the candidate agreement. Statistical analyses of exam results will isolate patterns of exam fraud; VCE reserves the right to take legal action. Should this happen, a candidate will be notified by