OneLMS Program Overview and Benefits

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

The Learning Management System or LMS is the system of record that is used for formal training, i.e. the courses, curricula and certifications that comprise our catalog of training offerings.


What is happening to Dell Technologies Education Services’ Learning Management System?

We are consolidating and upgrading the different learning platforms to bring all our customers and partners onto a single learning platform. This represents a major step in our journey to bring you a modern, personalized learning experience.


When does this consolidation of systems take effect?

The consolidation exercise is expected to take place in the coming weeks. You will soon see notifications on the website announcing the exact date and time of this migration.

What are the benefits of this consolidation?

Bringing all learners to a single learning platform will provide:

1.     A more seamless and consistent experience for all our customers and partners.

2.     Create one central training catalog of learning content.

3.     An enhanced new experience with more features and functionality, an improved portal experience, and advance our journey towards seamless, personalized learning.


Learner Impact

How will these changes impact me as a learner?

Post go-live, the new platform will feature a more intuitive user interface, improved search functionality, and the ability to recognize user profiles to offer the most appropriate content based on preferences you can set. You can expect the following improvements:

·       The ability to set/change preferences based on topic category, training type (modality) and geographical location.

·       View details of your account including your training transcript, learning path progress and active subscriptions/ODLC access, if any.

·       Improved experience browsing and searching the Shop feature on the website.

·       Ability to purchase all items through a single shopping cart.

·       Modernized shopping cart experience with recommendations for related courses.

·       Ability to see all training offerings purchased by your company including available training credit balances.

·       Select from training pre-purchased by your company, activate it and register for training.

·       Utilize pre-purchased Training Credits in your company account to pay for training you purchase on the website.

·       Search for specific training by keyword, title, course/package ID, Part # (SKU), location, language, date range, price range and training type (delivery modality)

·       Save your search results by bookmarking the desired filter combination in your browser. Each time you update your search filters, it creates a unique URL that you can repurpose at a later time or share with your colleagues.


Will I have to recreate my account when I log in after the migration?

No, your account profile(s) and training history will be migrated to the new learning platform. You can log in with your,, or credentials. If you have active subscriptions or have been granted access to the On-Demand Learning Center (ODLC) through your organization, these will also be migrated automatically with your account. If you have any questions or are unable to access the ODLC/use your subscription, please contact us.  During the blackout period, you can contact us here.


What happens to all the records of training I have already completed?

Your entire training transcript will transfer with you. Please note, training taken just prior to the migration date will take several weeks to be reflected in your transcript. If you are in the middle of a learning path, all courses you have completed will carry over.


What happens to all the records of certifications that I have achieved?

There will be no change to any of these records and you should be able to access them as you do currently, including printing out your certificates. Note that if you use the Education Services website to access your CertTracker records, the website will not be available during the blackout period when the migration is being done. You can access your CertTracker directly here. You can access your badges directly through your account on the Acclaim site.


Will there be a blackout period before launch?

Yes, there will be a blackout period of 4 calendar days prior to the final launch date. The dates for the blackout and the launch will be confirmed to all learners approximately 2 weeks prior to go-live. Notifications will also be displayed on the Education Services website regarding blackout and go-live.


What if I am in the middle of taking a course when the migration happens?

To avoid losing your bookmarks or progress tracking, we encourage you to complete any course you are currently taking/plan to take prior to August 10, 2019. Note that bookmarks for any courses you are in the middle of consuming during the blackout and migration will not be preserved when moving to the new learning platform.


o   Note: If you are in the middle of a learning path, any courses you have completed will carry over.

Will I need to be trained on the new learning platform?

Since the new experience is close to the existing experience, no formal training will be needed.


Will the website URL change when the new platform goes live?

The Education Services website URL will be modified to However, for a limited time, and will work by redirecting to the new URL. We recommend that you update your bookmarks to the new URL at the earliest after the new learning platform goes live to avoid any disruption in access to the website.


Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact us via our website.  During the blackout period, you can contact us here.