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Data Science / Big Data

Big Data holds the key to effectively address business challenges that result in competitive advantage. Develop skills that will unlock valuable insights from data using analytic tools, tips, and techniques learned.

By Technology / Solution



Strengthen Your AI Capabilities

Develop the knowledge you need to power AI solutions. Our suite of courses help you learn essential skills from analytical methods and techniques to AI/ML phases and software frameworks.

Proven Professional Certification

Data Science Associate >
Fundamentals training and knowledge of a technology

Data Science Specialist >
Role specific training, baseline skills in a given technology blog

Explore how Big Data Analytics skills development drives AI success.

New! Data Engineering courses

Develop skills in data analytics, data preparation, programming, security, data pipelines, and more. 

Gain knowledge of CI/HCI and Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Build skills required to design and implement secure IT-as-a-Service solutions for the digital economy.