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My Learning

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How do I search for a course?

For detailed instruction on how to search for a course please select here


How do I register for a class outside my job role?

To learn how to register for a class please select here


How do I register for a class with leader approval?

To learn more on registering for a class with leader approval select here


How do I cancel my registration?

To learn how to cancel a registration please select here


How do I manage my learning paths?

For detailed instructions on managing your learning paths select here


How do I view my progress?

For more information on viewing your progress select here


Where do I find my completed learning?

For more information on viewing your completed learning please select here


How do I access My Accreditation?

To access select here  you may also be accessed from Tools and Resources within the Main Navigation


Where do I find relevant training & programs related to my organization?

To access select  here  then select your organization from the Home Page.


Where do I find personalized training based on my role?

To access select  here to find perssonal training based on your job role.



Please select here to log a ticket for support.


Dell Technologies Proven™ Professional is a leading education and certification program in the IT industry, providing comprehensive coverage of information storage technologies, virtualization, cloud computing, data science/big data analytics, and more. It offers a role-based series of courses and exams that cover the full range of Dell Technologies’ hardware, software, and solutions. Being Proven means investing in yourself and formally validating your knowledge, skills, and expertise by the industry’s most comprehensive learning and certification program. Join a community of dedicated professionals, share exclusive benefits, get Proven..


How do I obtain certification vouchers for Dell Technologies Proven Professional exams?

Launch the voucher request form by selecting here


How do I obtain certification certificates to my achievements?

The Certification framework provides details regarding the paths to your success  please select here for the details.. 


Can I register for Proven Professional Exams?

Exam registration is done using the Pearson VUE website. To register for a Dell Technologies exam at a Pearson VUE Testing Center  select here to request an exam voucher.  Pearson VUE is the sole provider of Dell Technologies Proven Professional exams.


Where do I find information for – exam numbers, study materials, test parameters, cost, and practice tests?    

All our Proven Professional Certification tracks can be viewed by selecting here


How do I search by Products/Technology?

To obtain Proven Professional details on curriculum information, including courseware, practice tests, and exam descriptions please select here


How do I find specific information on Certification tracks?

Please select here to learn about our Proven Professional Certification Tracks. 


Where can I locate Benefits of Certification?

The Benefits and Resources page also contains program documentation, and exam registration links please select here to learn more. 


What is the difference between Accreditation and Certification?

Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification develops and validates technical skills through proctored exams in tracks such as Cloud Architect, Data Center Architect, Storage Administrator, Technology Architect, Platform Engineer and Implementation Engineer, as well as Product/Technology Specific areas . Accreditation develops readiness skills for positioning Dell Technologies solutions and is targeted at Dell Technologies Partner Sales and SE personnel.


When do I receive my eBook?

eBooks are sent 3 business prior to the start date of the class. Late registrations and walk-in’s are handled by the instructor who sends in a ticket requesting eBook with CID, course title, the attendee first name, last name and email address to the relevant team.


How do I access my Ebook account?

Go directly to the eBook site by selecting here  and log in using the email you registered for the training under and the password you previously created.


How can I download the files sent to me from the eBook application?

All document Permissions are controlled by the Organization that shared the content with you. If the sender has enabled end user download, you will see a download icon in the Dell Technologies Education Services eBook Application viewer.


What types of viewers are available?

To learn more about available viewers select here


When I try to print document from the Dell EMC Education Services eBook Application Viewer the document does not print using my browser's File/Print function, how do I print the document?          

With the document open in the Dell Technologies Education Services eBook Application Viewer, if the document sender has enabled print for the document, you will see a Print icon in the Dell Technologies Education Services eBook Application Viewer. You must use the print button in the viewer to print your document.


When I select a document to view I receive a Pop-Up message stating that I have "Exceeded Maximum Activation", what does this mean?

Exceeded Maximum Activation means that the sender of the document has limited the number of devices (computer/mobile) that you can view the material on. Once the limit has been reached, you will need to submit a request to the Organization that shared the material with you. In the same Pop-Up message that you see there is a button that reads "Send Authentication Email". Selecting this button will submit your request for additional device activations to the sender of the material.


I logged into Dell EMC Education Services eBook Application on my mobile browser and my document will not open, is mobile browsing supported?

Mobile browsers are not supported except for one scenario. If the organization that shared the content with you has decided to allow unlimited device activations for the content, then your mobile browser will work. If the Organization is limiting the number of devices that you can view content on, then you will need to get the Dell Technologies Education Services eBook Application mobile app.


Where can I obtain more information about eBooks?

Please select here for access to our eBook guide.


Where do I obtain help?

Please log a ticket with our support by selecting here


Please select here for access to out eBook guide.

Where can I obtain more information about eBooks?

Please select here for access to out eBook guide.


How do I use eduTube?

Click here to review the various features and functionalities available in eduTube.


Who all can access eduTube?

eduTube is available for Internal, Partner, Customer, RegLite and Guests.


What if I get "Sign On Error" while accessing eduTube?

Please follow the below steps:

  • Raise an IT ticket in Service NOW
  • Select the Product as : SSO.EMC.COM LOGIN.
  • Provide  your Badge ID and NTID in the incident.


How to upload videos to eduTube?

Click here for help on uploading videos to eduTube.


What types of files can I upload to eduTube?

Acceptable formats include: WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI & MP3.


.How long does it take to upload a video?

All the video uploads will be sent for transcoding and generally it takes no more than 60 minutes.


How will I know if my video is uploaded?

You will receive a system generated email notification indicating the video upload and its trancoding status.


My video failed to upload what should I do?

Generally the video transcoding fails if the source file is corrupt or not in valid format. So try replacing the video with another valid source.Encode your original source file manually using software such as Camtasia before replacing it.


How do I embed the eduTube Player?

Use the Embed Player link, which is accessible from the Share link on the Now Playing Page. You can change the height and width of the iframe based on pixel dimensions to fit your page. For specific details on how to code for responsive design, please click here  for more information:  


Can I embed video content into courses?

Use the Share / Embed player, which is accessible from the Share link on the Now Playing Page to embed the video into courses.


What is an eduTube channel?

Users can own channels for their groups and host videos within the channel.

Please watch this video to know about channel functionalities.


How can I request a new channel?

You can submit a request through Channel Request Form  available under Support menu in eduTube.

Please click here for help on new channel request.


How do I restrict access to videos?

Video(s) can be marked as Private to make it available through a private link OR can also be restricted by making it available based on audience.


What browsers is eduTube compatible with?

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and IE11.


What if I notice lot of buffering while playing a video or stops every few seconds?

This issue will be majorly due to the network bandwidth:

  • Go to “Settings -> Quality” available on player control bar, chose a lower bitrate and give a try.
  • Try outside your VPN network (if any)


What should I do if I get “An error has occurred” message for the video?

1. This issue will be majorly due to the network bandwidth:

  • Go to “Settings -> Quality” available on player control bar, chose a lower bitrate and give a try.
  • Try outside your VPN network (if any)


2. If the issue still persists, please send an email to for support with:

  •  Video deeplink (url)
  • Video name
  • Steps to replicate the issue (if any)


What should I do if eduTube players doesn’t load in Xyleme?

If you are a Xyleme user and get “ refused to connect” for eduTube player then follow below steps:

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Go to “Settings “ ->  “Privacy and security” -> “Site Settings” -> “Cookies and site data”
  • Set “Block third-party cookies” to OFF
  • Open Xyleme and check if the eduTube player loads fine.

If the issue still persists then

  •  Open Chrome browser
  • Log in to using your account
  • Open Xyleme in another tab in the same browser
  • Check if the eduTube player loads fine.


Can I view a video on my mobile device?

Yes, you can view the videos on your device. However the video cannot be downloaded to your device.


Can I play a video after a long pause?

Resuming a video after a specified period of time will expire the token and the video will not playback. Do a page refresh or close the browser and start a new session.


How do I share content with other users?

Click on the share icon in 'Now Playing Page' to share videos with others via email.


How do I get an admin account for eduTube admin portal?

You can submit a request through Admin account request form available under Support menu in eduTube.Please click here for more information.


How can I reach out to eduTube support for any help?

Log an incident using eduTube support. Also an email can be sent to mailbox.


Where do I obtain help for eduTube?

You can check out the user guides and help videos available for any help or information on eduTube.




On Demand Labs

What is an On Demand Lab?

Hands-on learning experience with one or more objective, utilizing electronic technologies, available anytime. Includes access to the lab environment and materials to support learning objective (context, lab steps or tasks, etc.). Current offerings use VMware Learning Platform as the lab environment but should be able to accommodate other lab environments. Could range from minutes to hours.


How do I access the On Demand Lab?

Once the registration is completed (an automated email confirmation was sent to your inbox to confirm your enrollment) the lab will appear in the "My Account"/ "My Training" section and you will see a launch button on the right hand side.


Where can I learn more about out OnDemand Labs?

To learn more about our OnDemand Labs please select here


Virtual Class

Not everybody learns the same way, or at the same pace. Some prefer a classroom environment, others do well with self-paced methods that are easier on their time and budget. Dell Technologies Education Services has a highly “blended” approach to learning, offering several training modalities. 

Virtual Class (formerly known as Online Instructor-Led Training or Online ILT)

A real-time interactive training experience where students participate online to access the virtual classroom. Lecture, discussion, questions and answers, and lab exercises make this a rich and flexible training experience.

Clear Cache

Clear-browser-cache instruction (works on both Chrome and Firefox)

•           To clear browsing history, cookies, etc. with ease, use keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + Delete)

•           Click on ‘Clear data / Clear now’ button then close and re-launch the browser to continue

Website Views

You are currently authenticated as an internal user, or a Dell badged employee. The view of the website you are seeing now, is specific to internals. Its navigation, functionality, training offerings, and content differ from the external view.

If you are trying to view the external user experience of the Education Services website, you will need to get off of the Dell Network, and go to the external Education Services home page.

This view will show you what a “guest” user sees. To see the “customer” or the “partner” view, you will need to have a test account for each view and sign in with your test account(s). To request a test customer and/or partner account, please open a SNOW IT ticket.