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在当今的时代,客户希望在购置和部署技术上获得更大的灵活性,而“即服务”交付模式有望彻底改变技术市场,使客户能够随着企业的发展,紧跟业务的步伐来购置 IT。APEX 是 Dell Technologies 具有突破意义的“即服务”产品组合,可通过提高 IT 敏捷性和可控性来简化数字化转型。

有关详细信息,请访问 APEX 战略销售概述课程。




面向我们的合作伙伴的 APEX 

为了帮助说明我们的合作伙伴如何从 APEX 获益,请访问以合作伙伴和 APEX 为重点的合作伙伴价值主张和走向市场课程。



Dell Technologies 处理和存储的数据和资源比其他技术公司都要多。我们的客户与合作伙伴对此非常了解。他们已经表明希望通过不同的方式来使用这项技术,从而满足他们自己期望达成的业务和财务成果。

有关详细信息,请访问 APEX 金融销售简介。 




APEX Console Sales Overview

The APEX Console will provide a unified, online experience that gives organizations the ability to manage their entire hybrid cloud environment from a single, self-service web user interface, regardless of which vendors they use to run workloads. During this course, you’ll learn about the features and benefits of the APEX Console and discover ways to use the APEX Console in customer conversations to win deals.

Access the APEX Console Sales Overview course for more information:




云已经成为每个客户使用的一种语言,并将其作为标准 IT 运营的一部分。如今,我们的客户面临着大量的选择,同时在这一环境下不断探索,根据其特定挑战和期望达成的结果调整能力和产品。在本课程中,我们将介绍当前的云市场趋势和格局,帮助您做好准备,以便轻松地与企业中的不同角色探讨云。




  • 如果您发现有关 APEX Cloud Services 或 APEX Data Storage Services 的商机,请使用以下文档了解完成推荐流程需要执行的操作:



  • Dell Technologies 携手行业领袖、Channelcorp Management Consultants, Inc. 联合创始人 Bruce Stuart 专门为合作伙伴销售和营销团队制作了四集网络广播系列课程。戴尔希望该系列课程能够帮助您了解全球市场变化、这些变化对您的客户产生的影响,以及您应该做些什么来保护和拓展您的销售和渠道。能够以“即服务”交付模式为您的客户提供解决方案是您长期获得成功的关键。
  • 请访问 APEX 知识中心,获取有关 APEX 的更详实概述和最新资讯。





APEX Curriculums
APEX Flex On Demand 2021 Today’s dynamic business environment drives the need for immediate access to available capacity, whenever it is required. With APEX Flex on Demand, your customers can acquire the technology they need to support their changing business with payments that scale to match their actual usage.  Select this curriculum to understand how to leverage APEX Flex On Demand to help your customers achieve their business goals.  
SALES: APEX Data Storage Services Curriculum 2021 Traditionally, managing on-premises storage infrastructure can be a challenge. IT departments must navigate over- and under-provisioning concerns, capital budget constraints, and complex procurement and migration cycles. APEX Data Storage Services is an as-a-Service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources built on our industry-leading technologies. Our Storage as-a-Service model simplifies the storage process giving your customer complete oversight of their storage resources, while freeing them from the hassles of day-to-day data storage management.   Select one of these curriculums to understand how APEX Data Storage Services can help your customers acheive their business goals.  After completing all the courses within these learning paths you will earn your Sales or SE APEX Data Storage Services Credential 2021.  These credentials count towards earning an APEX Data Storage Services Competency for your company.
SE: APEX Data Storage Services Curriculum 2021


Snackable Learning


Snackable Learning assets are meant to be quick refreshers on specific topics of interest.


How to get support through APEX Console

Battlecard - HPE GreenLake Cloud Services vs. APEX Data Storage Services

Battlecard - Pure as-a-Service vs. APEX Data Storage Services




On Aug 25th, 2021, we had a Virtual ILT event for some of our partners around APEX. 

We had several presenters present some key topics such as:

  • Dan Hodge presenting on APEX Overview & Value to Partners, Understanding Outcome-based Selling, and APEX Data Storage Services Overview
  • Brett Lasby presenting on Using the PowerSizer and How to Book an Order in the APEX Console
  • Erica Lambert presenting on the Partner Service Opportunities with APEX
  • Tina Hanson presenting on the available Partner Resources

Click here to view the videos