Platform Acceleration Lab: Become Cloud-Native

Are you a developer or an architect who has taken online classes and read everything you can to understand Cloud-Native, re-platforming, and modernizing apps? Develop the skills to build better software with Pivotal’s Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL) through this 3-week immersive, best practices bootcamp.


What you will learn

  • Understanding of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and what it takes to move or modernize existing apps to run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Fundamentals of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Services
  • Insight to microservices, evolutionary app architecture and distributed systems
  • Pivotal core practices including test driven development, continuous integration and delivery, pairing, standups and retrospectives


  • Accelerate transition to teams of Cloud-Native developers and architects
  • Increase developer productivity and reduce software development costs
  • Reduce software maintenance costs through higher-quality software
  • Re-platform and modernize existing applications and reduce software operational costs

Interested? We will contact you when the offering is launched to provide more details.