Leverage Big Data to Transform Your Business into a Predictive Enterprise

Identify opportunities to solve business challenges using advanced analytics and develop the expertise to lead an analytics team.

Data Science and Big Data Analytics for Business Transformation
The Data Science and Big Data Analytics for Business Transformation Course provides business leaders with:
  • Information about the real-world benefits of Big Data Analytics
  • The skills and information needed to successfully implement Big Data Analytics projects
  • A Data Science point of view for using analytics to derive business insights from Big Data

How to Purchase:

Video Instructor-Led Training - Top-instructor-delivered training, packaged in a convenient format, with an intuitive navigation menu. Lecture content, lab exercises, and student materials are identical to the ILT.

Online Instructor-Led Training - A real-time interactive training experience where students participate online to access the instructor-led virtual classroom. Lecture, discussion, questions and answers, and lab exercises make this a rich and flexible training experience.

This ‘open’ course will help you learn how to:

  • Identify business drivers for predictive analytics
  • Develop effective Data Science teams that drive innovation through analytics
  • Define a strategy to enable transformation to data-driven decisionmaking
  • Lead a project driven by a
    well-defined, repeatable, and scalable data analytics lifecycle

The Data Science and Big Data Analytics for Business Transformation course enables you to:

Articulate the business value of Big Data and the opportunities it presents to drive growth and innovation
  • Understand the different types of business value including financial, decision quality, data quality, and collaboration
  • Create competitive advantage through the use of advanced analytical techniques and Big Data
Lead analytics projects using a structured lifecycle approach
  • Ensure rigor and completeness that ease transition of cross-functional analytic team members
  • Provide long-term business value by ensuring validity, repeatability, and scalability
Drive innovation via analytics projects by understanding how to drive organizational change
  • Expand existing capabilities with new Big Data talent, Data Science as a Service teams, Crowdsourcing , and more
  • Incorporate change management as part of implementing a data-driven approach to decision-making

Topics covered in the course include:

Module #


  • Overview of Big Data and Data Science
  • Benefits of data-driven decision-making


Deriving Business Value from Big Data
  • Data sources, within your organization and external illustrative analytical methods
  • Big Data tools and technologies


Leading Analytic Projects
  • Overview of data analytics lifecycle
  • Frame a business problem as an analytics problem
  • Identify the four main deliverables in an analytics project


Developing Data Science Teams
  • Develop an analytics team: profiles of people and skill sets required
  • Select suitable organizational models for Data Science teams
  • Transform existing teams


Driving Innovation via Analytics Projects
  • Develop vision for Data Science projects
  • Use change management in analytics projects
  • Create an initial action plan
* Unique course focused on technology concepts, prinicples, and case studies that can be applied to all IT environments.